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06/01/15 Researchers’ discovery may explain difficulty in treating Lyme disease

06/01/15 From US Senator Kristen Gillibrand, “Will you join me in calling on Congress to fund Lyme disease research?” 

05/31/15 Poughkeepsie Journal: Review of Lyme disease treatment leaves out patients

05/28/15 LymePolicyWonk: Delayed diagnosis of Lyme disease has devastating effect on patients

05/21/15 With bipartisan support, Lyme research bill moves forward

04/28/15 Mayday Protest on Livestream, Thursday and Friday

04/28/15 Mayday Speaks: Behind the Scenes at the IDSA Protest

04/28/15 Hopkins Physician Says Lyme Disease Patients Create Conspiracy Theories About Their Illnesses

04/22/15 The Berkshire Eagle: Our Opinion: State comes up short on ticks, related illnesses

04/21/15  Lyme Patient Advocates Denounce Intellectual Conflicts of Interest for Seven IDSA Guidelines Review Panelists 

04/18/15 War on bugs: In Massachusetts, $11 million spent to fight mosquitoes — $0 on ticks

04/16/15 Harsh Northeast winter no hindrance to ticks

04/16/15  The Mayday Project asks the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA): “Why Won’t You Follow the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Rules?”

04/11/15 From the LDA website: Lyme Community Unites: Protect Patient Rights

04/11/15 LDo and LDA submit comments on IDSA guideline process on behalf of 67 Lyme groups across the nation!

04/08/15 Lyme Disease Patients to Stage Multiday Protest at IDSA Headquarters

4/08/15 TOUCHED BY LYME: One patient’s comments to IDSA

3/31/15 Commenting on IDSA Lyme guidelines, part 3. Take our survey

3/31/15 Commenting on IDSA Lyme guidelines, part 2

3/31/15 Commenting on IDSA Lyme guidelines, part 1

3/18/15 IDSA Guidelines Revision Process: Cause for Alarm?

3/1/13 Long-awaited MA Lyme report calls for strong action

2/19/13 Editorial: Government should take some advice on Lyme

12/31/12 Sturbridge activist seeks release of Lyme Disease Report

12/26/12 MA Lyme Commission hung up by politics?

10/24/12 Newspaper demonstrates Lyme is "no small thing"

8/9/12 MA activist slams back at Lyme Disease

7/27/12 Are Lyme disease sufferers finally being heard?

7/20/12 IDSA's written testimony to Lyme subcommittee

7/20/12 Summary of Lyme subcommittee hearing  

7/12/12 Lawmakers call for national Lyme disease strategy
6/27/12 Lyme Disease Proves Nearly Fatal for Canaan Youth

1/21/12 Congressmen Call For Removal of Outdated IDSA

report compares canine and human cases

9/6/11 Blood Supply Threatened By Tickborne Parasite

Babesia, Screening Of Blood Donors Required, Says CDC

8/23/11 Authors of IDSA guidelines call Lyme advocates 

"anti-science" and "a threat to public health."Commenting on IDSA Lyme guidelines, part 1 27th March 2015