Lyme Videos

The Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires is dedicated to archiving as much information as possible for the benefit of those who wish to learn more about tick-borne disease. Below you may easily access our growing playlist of educational videos available via Youtube. As time goes on we will continue to add videos as we find them. We have also included a summary list below the video reel to help visitors better navigate this page.

*Disclaimer*: The videos contained within this list are from a variety sources. We are providing them for educational purposes only. The opinions expressed are of the original creators, not that of the Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires. We did not create any of these videos.

Videos included on the 
Chronically Aware Video Reel:

Why is the Government Suppressing the Lyme Disease Epidemic?
Interview with Lorraine Johnson

 Dr. Horowitz: Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness

 Lyme Disease Testing: Bob Giguere from IGeneX

Under Our Skin: Extended Trailer

Under Our Skin 2: Emergence Trailer

Lymelight: The Story of Professional 
Freeskier Angeli VanLaanen Living with Lyme

Fox5 News Report: The Truth About Lyme Disease with Dr. Steven Phillips

Chronic Lyme Disease: What You Need to Know

Tommy Hilfiger's Daughter Ally Hilfiger Details Battle with Lyme Disease