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Our website is chock full of valuable resources, but it can be overwhelming to sift through everything on your own and not everyone has 24/7 internet access to allow for time to read everything. So, we have formatted all of our educational information into downloadable PDF format so that you can pick what you need or download everything, whatever you want. These are the same documents that we hand out at our monthly meetings and at our community education events.

Medical Guidelines for Lyme

International Lyme and 
Associated Disease Society (ILADS)
ILADS is the leading medical organization on how to diagnose and treat tick-borne infections. The ILADS guidelines are the only medical guidelines for Lyme disease and its related infections that are approved by the Institutes of Medicine (IOS) and that validate and made available on the National Guideline Clearinghouse, leaving them as the as the only set of guidelines considered to fully encompass the breadth of scientific evidence currently available. Patients are encouraged to download the guidelines and share them with their physicians, particularly when seeking a diagnosis. In a system where up-to-date education can be scarce when it comes to tick-borne diseases, such guidance can be a lifesaver!

(Reviewed and Resubmitted 2014)
L.AB. Educational Handouts

Lyme Disease: By the Numbers:

A chart of the horrifying statistics connected to the 
Lyme disease epidemic, giving perspective on the severity of the 
situation and the dire need for awareness.

Lyme Disease: A Beginner's Guide, Expanded Edition:

Covers the basic details that everyone should know about Lyme and its related disease. An essential read for anyone who lives in a Lyme endemic area.

Prevention is the Best Medicine!:

A simple list of tips for tick-borne disease prevention.

I Have a Tick Bite! What do I do Now?:

A how-to guide taking you through each step, from bite discovery to 
treatment. A game plan for how to stop Lyme and company in their tracks!

Lyme Disease Testing: An Explanation:

An in-depth look at the current two-tiered testing system for Lyme 
including a breakdown of they work and how to read test results.

Lymepedia: Terms and Definitions:

 A breakdown of common terms used in relation to tick-borne 
disease including easily understandable definition explanations.

Other Educational Handouts: 

Dr. Joseph Burrascano Symptom Checklist (ILADS):

Despite being compiled in 2005 this Lyme disease symptom checklist 
is still one of the most thorough available, created by a leading expert 
in the treatment and diagnosis of tick-borne diseases.

Psychiatric Lyme Disease (ILADS)

What is Lyme (ILADS) 

Prevent Chronic Lyme (ILADS) 

Lyme R Primer (LDA) 

Tick Identification Bookmark (LDA)

ABC's of Lyme: For Parents and Educators (LDA)

Tick Identification Card (LDA)
Herxheimer Reaction (Bacterial Die-Off):

An explanation of what herxing is and ways to soothe herx symptoms.


Not all of these items are PDF files.
Some are active links that can be printed. 

Rationale for Prolonged Antiobiotic 
Therapy in the Treatment of Lyme Disease
by Dr. Charles Ray Jones

Neurological Manifestations of Lyme Disease in Children
 by Dorothy M. Pietrucha, M.D., P.A.

What Doctors Need to Know About 
Tick-Borne Disease in the Pediatric Patient
by Ann F. Corson, M.D. 

Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Tick Borne Disease 
by Ann F. Corson, M.D.

The Treatment of TBD in the Pregnant & Pediatric Patient  
by Ann F. Corson, M.D.  

Boundaries 101 for Lyme Patients 
by Sandy Berenbaum LCSW, BCD

Kids and Lyme Disease: How it Affects Their Learning
by Sandy Berenbaum LCSW, BCD  

Tick-Borne Disease in Children and Adolescents
A Medical Illness/A Multidisciplinary "Cure"
by Sandy Berenbaum LCSW, BCD

Reflections on Lyme Disease in the Family
by Sandy Berenbaum LCSW, BCD

Lyme Disease Screening Protocol
by Sandy Berenbaum LCSW, BCD

Identifying Lyme in Schools
by Sandy Berenbaum LCSW, BCD  

Flyers/Brochures/Event Information

Lyme Disease Awareness Flyer

 Prevention is the Best Medicine! Workshop Flyer, 7/28/16

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