The link above is an invaluable resource for both Lyme patients and their doctors, outlining the best and most proven tactics for treating Lyme disease and it's many co-infections. Dr. Burrascano's work is the basis for many LLMD (Lyme-Literate Medical Doctor) treatment protocols and has led many patients towards recovery.

Print this out and keep it on hand for whenever you're about to see a new doctor or to measure up your current one. Their response to Dr. Burrascano's guidelines is a good barometer for the quality of care you are or will be receiving.

It is also useful as an educational resource giving patients and non-patients alike the chance to get a deeper view into just how complicated tick-borne illnesses can be to diagnose and treat.

Getting Tested:

 Largely considered to be the most accurate testing 
facility for Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases.

Protocol Support: 


 Gluten-Free Goddess
An Excellent Resource for Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes.

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Discount Vitamins and Supplements.

Discount Vitamins and Supplements.

Protocol Safety:

Drug Interaction Checker: Covers Drugs and Supplements.